Telephone Consults




Welcome!  I look forward to helping you meet your health goals! Not everyone has access to licensed naturopathic care—especially naturopathic care with a conventional medical background understanding.  This makes me uniquely trained to help you “get off the drugs”!  You need to understand, though, that telephone consults are no substitute for seeing a physician in person and having regular physical exams.  Evaluating a patient in person using the appropriate exams and the indicated laboratory and/or diagnostic testing is the best way to properly diagnose and treat a person.  And you are definitely worth the best!


This cannot be done via the phone.


Since you’re there and I’m here, unable to provide the physical exams and order the labs you may need,  we’ll have to establish a modified relationship over the phone.  That means you’ll need to provide me with the diagnoses your other health care providers have made concerning you, along with lab results and any diagnostic imaging you may have already had.  Sometimes, I may have reason to question a diagnosis, or request additional testing to better figure out how best to take care of you.  At that point, I’ll ask that you take my recommendations (also known as your homework!) to your physician for additional information.  My job is to get you so healthy and well, you won’t need my services anymore!  To get that done, we may need to utilize the team you already have in place.  Besides, you’ll need to keep your current doctor for those annual exams and preventive screenings to keep you as healthy as possible going forward. 


All that to say, I’m not a replacement for who you currently have as a doctor; I’m a hired expert to provide adjunctive care to you for a short while.  A telephone consultation does not create a doctor/patient relationship.  I suggest that you take my recommendations to your primary physician even before you take any action on them.  This keeps your local doctor connected to your care, educates him/her on naturopathic medicine, and helps establish a “team” approach to getting you vibrantly healthy again.


Please Click Here to download the INFORMED CONSENT FORM for Telephone Consults