Treatment Options

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition

Food is absolutely essential to life! Why not buy, prepare and enjoy the food that will be your preferred fuel and medicine? I'd much rather teach you how to do this than refill your prescriptions.


Botanical Medicine

Botanical Medicine

If you should need something more than food as medicine, we'll discuss options. Botanical medicine is often one of those options: as a tea, an herbal bath, creams, tinctures, pills, even lovely tasting cordials!

Lifestyle Counseling

Lifestyle CounselingThis one's pretty much a given! Chances are, you won't be feeling your absolute BEST when you first have a visit with me. And since I don't live in your proverbial forest, I'll be more objectively able to see the problematic proverbial trees there. Expect some tips on how to eat better, sleep better, move your body better, think better....

Naturopathic Physical Medicine

Naturopathic MedicineAlso crucial to good health is therapeutic touch. Many of us have been hurt in relationship; great healing can also take place in relationship. We'll work together to create safe, even sacred space to allow healing to happen. This is oftentimes facilitated by hands-on therapies. While I'm trained in massage and naturopathic osseous manipulation, I tend more toward cranio-sacral therapy and visceral manipulation. With some somatic repositioning and a bit of muscle energy stretch thrown in for good measure. Oh, and of course there's my "magic wand", the ever popular SCENAR device. Yeah, I do physical medicine!



Homeopathy may be difficult to say for some, spell for others, explain for most--but that doesn't negate it's power to overcome disease! As with any/all of these naturopathic therapies, homeopathy is among a number of options you and I might discuss to help you reach your health goals.



Hydrotherapy could go under the heading of Naturopathic Physical Medicine, but I use this so often--and will teach you how, too--that I think it deserves it's own heading.

Not only is clean water essential for good health, it happens to be a tremendous agent for healing and change. My favorites: contrast (including jumping into a cold mountain stream after a long, hot hike), wet socks, and constitutional hydrotherapy. Sound awful? Let's meet!