Patient Testimonials

March 2017:
I've never written a testimonial before​, but I have been offering to write one for Dr. Fleetwood for years! You know how many people have a hair stylist who always gets the perfect style/dye job/haircut, and they would follow their hair stylist anywhere? Well, that is Dr. Fleetwood in the world of doctors. I would follow her anywhere! She is the most patient, caring, fun, and brilliant doctor I have ever met! I have interacted with many doctors in my lifetime, both naturopaths and conventional doctors. I know many doctors and their practice because I am in the healthcare field. I must say, many doctors are seemingly always in a hurry to get you out of their office because they need to see their next patient. Well, every appointment I have with Dr. Fleetwood is not rushed, and I can tell she genuinely cares for me. She makes you feel that you are her only patient for the day, and that she is there to care for you, answer all questions, even if my "ask the doctor" list is a mile long. She is very patient and sweet. I really appreciate how she teaches our family how to have optimal health in each area of life. Over the years, we have all realized that she is the best person to seek advice from because she started off as a Pharmacist, so she has training in conventional medicine as well as naturopathic modalities. Dr. Fleetwood consistently provides care in the most natural, holistic way possible. She advocates for food-based and nature-based healing. This is so great because conventional doctors always pushed man-made, lab-created interventions on my family. Well, since these "sophisticated" pharmacy-based solutions have only been around for, let's see, less than a hundred years... What do you think mankind has done for the entire rest of the time we have been walking around on the planet? Well, this is where Dr. Fleetwood's ingenious solutions come in. She focuses on natural methods of healing, without the chemicals. For example, she teaches the use of lymphatic massage, and herbal teas to clear respiratory infections. She taught me how to heal a cyst on my wrist with hydrotherapy (instead of needle aspiration or surgery). She taught us how to prevent getting sick when we traveled internationally with our 2 month old infant during the peak of flu season! She taught my husband about how to nourish his body and heal his previously devastating panic disorder. My entire family has never been as healthy as we are now. I have recommended many, many people to Dr. Fleetwood because I have been so impressed with her caring and fun demeanor, her knowledge, and the way she practices medicine.
LR, Seattle, WA
February 2017:
I began working with Christie when I needed to find a way to manage severe anxiety. A visit to my primary care physician only offered pharmaceuticals and I was not interested in that approach. Christie worked with me to address my diet and offered reasonable suggestions for supplements. I began to feel better and have far less anxiety symptoms within a few weeks. I was even able to enjoy a wonderful Swiss vacation (flying without anti-anxiety meds!) and felt like I had overcome an enormous hurdle. It has been 6 months and I am still doing well with my managed symptoms and virtually NO anxiety!
I recently was diagnosed with “frozen shoulder” (Adhesive Capsulitis). I am relatively healthy and active, but just woke one day with extreme pain and no range of motion in my right shoulder. I sought Christie’s help almost immediately. After x-rays and confirmation of the frozen shoulder at an orthopedist, Christie began offering treatments with SCENAR over the next three weeks. I found almost immediate relief, reduced pain, and increased range of motion. The early prognosis from western med practitioners was for several months to two years worth of pain and loss of motion. Wirth Christie’s help, I am nearly 100% recovered after just ONE month. I also received many acupuncture treatments and PT services. But I do believe the SCENAR treatments were most instrumental in my initial healing. Christie’s care and no nonsense approach are truly valued! 
Thank you! 
JS, Seattle, WA



January 2017:

KK of Seattle says:

  • Dr Fleetwood is the real deal.
  • Dr Fleetwood embodies patient-centered care in a way the medical establishment can't.
  • Finally, a doctor who makes house calls and is savvy with e-mail and texting.
  • Dr Fleetwood will care for you and your family like you're family.
  • As a patient of Dr Fleetwood, you'll be drinking lots of herbal teas.
  • Dr Fleetwood is inquisitive, insightful, and caring.  She excels at understanding and healing the whole person.