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One of the more unusual aspects of my business model is that I make house calls. My office = your home! This provides a cozy, safe atmosphere for YOU, while providing me with a lot of information about how you live. And--I'm so much cooler than I look--most of my calls are done on my be-oo'iful Bri'ish bike (pictured right).


Don't worry! I bring my tools with me and teach you how to use what you already have, and/or where to buy the replacements you may need. LOTS of education so you understand the plan we write together!


Some of my favorites are pictured below: homeopathy, herbs, FOOD....

Clinic Photos Tour

As you read above, I do things a bit differently--including how I operate my business. After working for insurance companies in a long-standing, well-respected, group naturopathic practice, I decided to start a membership model on my own. Inexpensive enough to be accessible to everyone/anyone who wishes to put his/her health in a prioritized budget.


To do that, I needed very low overhead!


So, without it costing my patients more, I offer my expertise in a home setting, as needed, for a low monthly fee. My office = your home! How comfortable and safe!


Whether you are referred by your primary care provider, on the advice of another satisfied client, or are simply seeking something different from your doctor, I can help. I offer effective naturopathic modalities in a holistic way to help you regain and maintain good health.


I value my clients, providing each one with undivided attention and individualized care, educating and empowering each person in his/her health journey.


(804) 768-9333. Let's get started!