To bridge the gap between conventional medicine and traditional forms of healing so as to better care for the individual in need of health care.


To educate individuals on health care options, their risks and benefits; to empower the individual to accept full responsibility for his/her own health; to assist in the healing journey afforded the individual by his/her particular health needs; to "walk the talk" in my own life, modeling healthy behavior for mind, body, and spirit to my clients, co-workers, and colleagues.


Despite the "war on cancer" and an ever-increasing array of pharmaceuticals flooding the market-place, the health statistics within the United States continue to drop while the costs of this "sick-care" model steadily climb. We in the USA comprise just over 5% of the world's population, yet we consume more than 50% of all prescription drugs worldwide, 80% of all pain medications, and 95% of all opioids--a growing problem all its own.

Depending on whose numbers are believed, entering into conventional medical care (the use of drugs and medical procedures) ranks as either the #3, or #1 cause of death in the US! Medical and osteopathic doctors know this. We all agree that "the system" is BROKEN!

So what is a healer to do? This one chose to learn a trade in medicine that still lies outside the conventional norm. My pharmacy background is enormously helpful! But I focus on teaching my patients/clients how to LIVE differently--how to buy, cook, and consume the foods that will be their medicine, how to sleep better, how to think better. In short, how to become vibrantly healthy! So healthy, I must help them get off their drugs!

If you want something different, something more, something unconventional... I would be honored to be considered as a guide on your health-care goal-setting/reaching journey.

Christie Fleetwood, ND, RPh