Fees & Options


Fees actually depend on which option you choose. I no longer work for insurance companies. It turns out that my patients get much better much faster when we don't ask for input from their insurers! Maybe that's because of the constraints of insurance companies; maybe that's because of the mindsets of people willing to pay out-of-pocket. Either way, I've opted out of insurance. I want to work for YOU. That way, your medical record really is yours! Tell me anything--genetic snips, defects, mutations, predispositions; "bizarre" dreams, lifestyles, desires; mental health concerns; secrets not even your therapist of 20 years knows--and it's stored safely away in a locked, fire-proof file cabinet. Only I hold the key. No insurance audits. No denials because of the potential of a future "pre-existing condition". No loss of livelihood or a stain on your record because you happen to work in the conventional medical sector and you're so stressed out you're in the middle of a mental/emotional/spiritual meltdown. Not with me. You're safe here.

So. About those options! You may choose to hire me for a particular problem or complaint at the rate of $300 per hour. Anything above or below the hour mark gets pro-rated accordingly. OR, you may join my health revolution and become a member with a reasonable monthly fee (and discounts on supplements, naturopathic specialty services that are time/labor intensive, educational events, etc).

I'll even put your money where my mouth is and continue to provide excellent services (full value), yet charge you less as your health improves! What insurance company do you know that offers anything like THAT!?

First office visit includes Personalized Diet Plan, Recommendations, help deciding between Fast-Track, annual membership, or hourly rate on an as needed basis. Cost for the first office visit is $500; membership would begin after the first office visit UNLESS Fast-Track option is taken.

Okay, then. Here's the Menu:

Services Member price Non-member price
House calls (hourly rate) $25 $300/hour
Phone consults (hourly rate) Free $300/hour
*Labs Bill to insurer or cost + 10% Bill to insurer or cost + 20%
Personalized Diet Plan $125 $225

SCENAR Therapy

Pain (6 20-min treatments over 3 weeks) $450 $600
Depression/Anxiety (6 60-minute treatments over 3 weeks) $1350 $1800
IBS/IBD (6 10-minute treatments over 3 weeks) -- typically done in conjunction with Constitutional Hydrotherapy $225 $300


Face Lift, Wrinkle Erasing (10/10) $2550 $3000


Classes, general, educational Free $20/person
Cooking/Medicine making classes $10/person $25/person
Doctors’ Night Out Free $50
Movie night Free $5/person
Constitutional Hydrotherapy Series
(6 75-minute treatments)
$1675 $2250
Dispensary Items, In-House OR Online (through Monarch Natural Medicine website store presence or FullScript/HealthWave accounts through Monarch Natural Medicine) 20% off acute & maintenance items, 30% off case discounts;

Frequent Buyers Card!

*Cash plan for non- or under-insured patients, through house account with LabCorp, BioReference, DirectLabs, etc.


And the decreasing payment plan, you ask? Right here!

Membership Rates in the Prioritized Budget


Dependent/Year 1

“I’m starving!”  You need a diagnosis and/or treatment to pull you out of chronic disease.  You need a doctor often.


3-month “FAST TRACK” option: $1200/month x3, includes packages!

Early interdependent/Year 2/3

“I’m learning how to fish, but I need lots of help still.”  You are being redirected from chronic disease onto the path of vibrant health.  You require guidance and education.

Interdependent/Year 3/4

“I’m learning how to fish more independently.”  You are being redirected from chronic disease onto the path of vibrant health.  You still require guidance and education.

Independent/Year 4/5 on

“I can feed myself, my family, and my community!”  Not only are you doing well, but you’re modeling healthy choices and behavior for others.  Now you’re going “deeper” into the understanding of health!

Discount for additional family members:
$150/person/month $75/person/month $50/person/month $30/person/month
$270/family of 2/month $135/family of 2/month $90/family of 2/month $55/family of 2/month 10%
$396/family of 3/month $198/family of 3/month $132/family of 3/month $80/family of 3/month 12%
$510/family of 4/month $255/family of 4/month $170/family of 4/month $100/family of 4/month 15%
$615/family of 5/month $308/family of 5/month $205/family of 5/month $123/family of 5/month 18%
$720/family of 6+/month $360/family of 6+/month $240/family of 6+/month $145/family of 6+/month 20%


For the one year contracted period of _____________________ to _____________________, Monarch Natural Medicine, PLLC, and

______________________________________________ will work together for improved health.  Payment may be made in one lump sum or in monthly installments, whichever better suits the budget of the patient/client.  Payment shall be made by Direct Deposit, PayPal, cash, check, credit/debit card, FSA/HSA.  NO INSURANCE BILLING shall be provided by Monarch Natural Medicine.

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Pretty crazy, huh? You might want to contact me before I come to my senses and raise the prices! (804) 768-9333.