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Welcome to March... and my "new" website! I'm stepping into the 2017 with an updated web presence that, I'm told, can do more to reach more and help more people in the world. Yay!

So, what's my message? Health matters. For everyone. There's far too much pain and suffering in the world. Health statistics for the United States--the nation with abundant natural resources, great thinkers and innovators, wealth--are abysmal. We pay more for "health care" in this country than any other country on the planet--twice as much, in fact, than the second highest paying country--yet our health statistics look worse than that of many third world countries.

Our medical model is broken. We have waged a war on cancer for many decades. How are we doing on that front? If we put a fraction of the monies spent on "waging war" into PREVENTION, instead, we'd make some progress. Why? Because we know how to prevent most cancers! Where's the money in that, though?

Then there's iatrogenesis. That means, harm done by the application of medicine. It's a real thing! And doctors know it. Books are being written about it. (I recently authored a chapter on iatrogenesis in cardiovascular disease, per the request of a couple of medical doctor cardiologists. I'll let you know when it gets published.) Depending on whose numbers you look at, iatrogenesis may be the #1 cause of disease in this country.

Are you okay with that?

I'm NOT.

Let's learn how to take exceptionally good care of ourselves, shall we? If you want to live well, follow along.

Each week this month, I'll publish some simple steps for living well. Simple steps. 'Doesn't mean they'll be easy for some of you!

Step one: READ LABELS. On everything you put in your mouth or on your skin. Seriously! There are books written solely about the chemicals allowed in our foods and health/beauty care items. These are totally unnecessary! They're THERE to preserve a product (including "enriched" food stuffs) so that they can sit on a shelf for longer periods of time without going bad. I have a six year old fast food meal to prove it: the bread won't mold and the meat on the hamburger won't putrefy. THAT'S JUST WRONG, FOLKS!

For now, just see if you can even wrap your mouth around saying the ingredients in your favorite food stuffs out loud. Be conscious about what you're consuming. I'll give you more details and insight next week.

Wishing you WELLness,

Christie Fleetwood, ND, RPh

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